We are a B2B TechFin company enabling Financial Services firms to offer a smart marketplace that's fully digitised with end-to-end execution and integration with a panel of payments & lending partners

“Canny Cloud Platform” provides you with all you need to run your global payments & lending proposition

Smart Choices for SMEs through multi-tenant, cloud-native and end-to-end payments + lending marketplace. Available as white label, API , on cloud, or on-prem.

Are you an established player? We help you expand your business!

Innovations that bring intelligent choices to SMEs through marketplace partners

AI Driven fully digitized cloud-native platform


Get 360º view of SME’s financials with both Bank Account and Accounting data aggregation

Financial Insight using AI, Data Intelligence: Prediction & Recommendation engine including Scenario Planning

AI-driven humanised online onboarding solution: Global eKYC / eKYB module with humanised interface




Payments & lending Market Place with end-to-end execution

Products from multiple providers to choose from with onetime KYC/KYB 

Real-time rates and on-platform execution.




Single view of financials, be it bank accounts or accounting data, all at one place

Prediction and Recommendation of future cash flow, readiness for the future, personalised products and pricing module

Provide KYC/KYB only once, to access the best-fit product from the marketplace. Experience a seamless journey with deep integration.



Consumers often are saddled with products that are neither suitable nor optimal during the lifetime of the product holding. We intend to address this issue through our mission of creating an ecosystem that will connect all the product providers and getting the best-fit product and choice over the lifetime to the end-user while removing all the complexity.

Why are we doing this?

In a world where information about products are available online, with automated product switching services, consumers are moving away from locked-in solutions to open & flexible options. 

To succeed in this environment, we need a framework and system that allow continuous innovation to serve the needs of their customer.

Additionally, the sheer volume of user interactions and transactions requires a solution that is smart, flexible, scalable and yet simple that integrates with a multitude of products from partners, run in the cloud, support any client device, and connect to legacy data and processes via APIs.


What have we built?

We have built cloud-native application interfaces for Smart Financial Marketplace. 

It's a platform to support a multitude of financial products and transactions equipped for an inclusive, interconnected digital economy where the end consumer always has access to the best product in the market and can consume the products without leaving the platform.


Implementation Sheet

Building step-by-step an eco-system by connecting product partners and simplifying the experience for clients and end-users by integrating varied data sources. 

Data Intelligence
Scenario Planning, Cashflow Forecasting, Prediction and Recommendation
SME Onboarding
eKYC, eKYB, Seamless Onboarding Journey, Case Management
Payments Marketplace
Realtime & Personalised rates from multiple remittance provider
Lending Marketplace
One application multiple loan offer, Affordability & Scenario Simulation.
Savings Marketplace
Savings Threshold Management, Access to best rate

payments marketplace


Global Payments offering from multiple players – making it simple. Get access to global  payments rails.

Realtime & Personalised rates from multiple remittance provider

Bringing best fit product from the market based on currency pair, delivery timeframe, FX rate  & fee


lending marketplace


State you need > Single application > Multiple loan offers

Bringing best-fit product from multiple lending providers offering Invoice Finance, Working capital, Cash advance, etc.

Lenders manage risk better with the help of prediction & recommendation engine



All our solutions are containerised microservices. So you can use it on cloud with multi tenancy or you can deploy them within your infrastructure. The choice is yours.
Our cloud banking platform lives up to the highest banking security standards. It’s also compliant with the most important industry requirements. We - Perform external Pentests - Following security principles like in-depth security, need-to-know and least privileges - Are Cybersecurity and recovery compliant.
Surely. With our solution, you don’t need to build everything from scratch. You can get precisely what you need by customising a few specific microservices module to cater to your business logic. This ensures a quicker time to market and lower development costs.
You Bet. Our expert consulting and integration specialists would help you all the from concept to market launch.


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